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Need a promotional landmark in front of your business?  Something people will see, and remember?


How about an 11 foot tall Bigfoot?  ...and he’s holding your sign (Four foot tall sign to be provided by you).  The sign is optional, so he can just stand there and scare folks.


Each one is hand made with multiple layers of strong fiberglass to withstand weather and the elements.  The Bigfoot can be anchored through a locked panel to either an optional wooden stand, or a template which is available to have him anchored with large bolts into a cement pad.  The weight is approximately 250 lbs.  The base could be filled with ballast to provide additional security.  Or, for those hi-tech customers, we can lo-jack him.


Each Bigfoot is unique.  The coloring, texture, security options, talking motion detectors, after-hour lights and other options can make it even more personalized for you.   


We have a 4 foot by 8 foot optional platform available.  We are even thinking of an option where a custom face can have a strong resemblance to someone of your choice.


The basic Roadside Monster comes ready to stand up on a pad.  Anchor bolts will be needed to secure him.  (We don’t want him to walk away.)  Buyers are responsible for securing him from wind and thieves.  Buyers are also responsible for displaying him responsibly so that drivers are not frightened and not too distracted from safe driving.  Buyers are also responsible for obeying all zoning ordinances regarding sign usage. 


Each Roadside Monster takes approximately 2 to 3 weeks to make.   Roadside monster is totally made in the USA.    Shipping is not easy, but possible.





11 feet of unforgettable landmark for your business.




Wonder why the heck I would make these?  Or how?  Click Here



Pricing, at this time, is still in accounting…


For more information:


email  or call Joe at (760) 782 -0313


We are located in Southern California.



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